Not For Profit Organizations
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Woman's Storybook Project of Texas - Details

Microcredit Summit

One World Literacy Foundation

The Flying Tigers Foundation

Clinton Presidential Center

de Souza Institute Foundation

URI - Graduate School of Oceanography

Maximum Life Foundation

Global Renewable Energy

The United States and China Foundation

Lott Carey - Ebola - Liberia - plus - Dr. Goatley

One World Literacy Foundation

Nigerian Corporate Council

Initiative For Public Policy Analysis (IPPA)

Carol Sanders Whitsett Foundation

Phoenix Voyage

Houston - Habitat for Humanity

Tourette Syndrome of Texas

Planet Earth - Earth Sciences for Society

Megan's Crossing

Womans's Storybook Project of Texas - Donate

Halter, Inc.

The Furniture Bank

The Kelso Institute

National Academy Foundation

Hope International Ministries

Sister Cities International

Sister Cities - Houston

APQC - Quality in Business and Education Operations

The Global Medical Relief Fund

Living Water International

Pratham - USA

Pat Bellamy - Ports, Security and the University of Houston

Houston Transtar - John R. Whaley, P.E. - Director

The Wild Side News - An Internet Radio Station

Humanity Unites Brillance - HUB

The Global Jewish Assistance Relief Fund (GJARN)

Lifetracks Global Foundation

Neighborhood Centers Inc.

Chabad's Children of Chernobyl

I - Freed International Foundation

Vita-Living, Inc.

Veterans Organizations

ACSF - An important Russian Aviation Project

American India Foundation

Pratham - India

Conservation International

A Roche

Christians For the Mountains

Children of the Law of One
Institutional Investors Consulting Company
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IICC Supports each of these Organization.  If you wish to know more about them, then just click on each Organization's name and you will be taken directly to their web sites.  Then you can do some browsing and find out more about each specific group, what it actually does and in most cases, how to make a donation if you wish to do so.  If you do make a donation to any of these not for profit groups, we would appreciate you mentioning to them that you were recommended to them by IICC.
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Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
To be developed
Giving Children Hope

Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation
Woman's Storybook Project - Documentary
Results - The Power to End Hunger.
Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation
This page was last updated: April 4, 2017
Pure Heart Children's Fund
The General Clair L. Chennault Foundation - GCCF - web site in process of being developed
The Chennault Aviation and Military Museum - CAMM
Warrior Bondfire Project
The BW Better World Foundation