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Other Important Places
Click on those sites which are underlined or on the colored squares in order to get more information about a specific place.
Houston  >>>
Texas >>>
Africa - Many Pages >>>
India >>> more coming
China >>>
Russia >>>
Brazil >>> coming
Latin America >>>
Nicaragua >>>
Caribbean >>>
The Balkans >>>
Fiji Islands - over 300 islands
in the South Pacific
Other Sites  - to be determined
Vietnam - coming
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Near East >>>
Western Hemisphere >>>
Netherlands Antilles >>>
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A little known country with an opportunity to do great things in the future >>>>>>>>
Far East and Australasia
Trinidad Tabago >>> coming
Europe and Eastern Europe
India >>>
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now click on Brunei and read all about it.  The magic number is 7.
Turkey >>>>>
Pakistan >>>>
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