Short Biography - Leonard Stanley Chaikind

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Institutional Investors Consulting Company (IICC)
PO Box 79228
Houston, Texas 77279

Telephone – 713-824-6051 - cell   – 713-266-4422 - work

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Leonard S. Chaikind, age 77, is the Chairman & CEO of Institutional Investors Consulting Company (IICC), which is located in Houston, Texas.  Mr. Chaikind has served in this capacity since he founded IICC on July 15, 1991.

The Company - IICC is many things - a holding company, an investment bank and an investment advisory group. Its core mission is “to help and assist institutional tax-exempt funds and trusts, e.g. Pension Plans, Foundations and Endowment Funds, to manage themselves as efficient and cost-effective organizations.”  Supporting these institutions in the area of investments and investment strategies is a major part of IICC’s mission.  In this capacity, IICC provides advisory/consulting services and investment banking to this constituency.  IICC’s primary focus is to help its clients improve their investment performance by better understanding and performing in the area of private (non-traditional) investments. In order to accomplish this objective, IICC has held 9 Conferences and over 50 Workshops in the past 10 years, all with the objective of educating tax-exempt funds and family offices in the areas of investments, controls and administration.  Given Mr. Chaikind’s extensive global background in the Oil and Gas Industry, IICC also gets involved in this area in many ways.

IICC’s overall vision is “to make the world a better place to live.” In doing this, IICC supports a number of not-for-profit groups, some of which are listed in its web site which is ( As can be seen from browsing the site, IICC also has involvements in many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  In summary, we like to think of IICC as a kind of “do good” and highly entrepreneurial investment / merchant bank.

Previous Employment - Prior to founding IICC, Mr. Chaikind worked for Royal Dutch Shell and the Shell Oil Company for 34 years (1957 to 1991) in a wide variety of assignments. 

From late 1985 to August 1991, Mr. Chaikind served as the Administrator of the $12 plus billion dollars Shell Savings and Retirement Programs with responsibility for both the investment and administration of 4 major funds.  About 50% of these funds were managed internally under the guidance of Mr. Chaikind and his staff with the rest being outsourced to various investment managers and consulting groups. During this period, the Shell Funds were recognized by the industry to be one of the very best. During his years in this assignment, Mr. Chaikind was also very active in the tax-exempt industry.  He was one of the key founders of the Committee on Investment of Employee Benefit Assets (CIEBA), the largest Corporate Pension Fund Group in the World, and served as Vice Chairman of this group from its beginning until his retirement from Shell.  He also served as an active member of both the NYSE Institutional Investors Advisory Committee and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Advisory Board (the CFTC is to the futures and derivatives industry what the SEC is to securities industry).  Since his retirement from Shell, Mr. Chaikind has stayed very active in the whole area of tax-exempt funds (including health care, pension reform, social security reform) and still maintains a strong presence in Washington, DC.

From 1981 until 1985, Mr. Chaikind worked in the Treasurer’s Department of Shell Oil on a wide variety of projects.  At this point he was also responsible for all foreign currency transactions done by Shell Oil (Shell Oil at this time, which was before its minority interest was acquired by Royal Dutch Shell, operated in about 20 countries in addition to the United States).

From 1977 to 1981, Mr. Chaikind served as the Regional Treasurer for Royal Dutch Shell’s operations in the Far East and Australasia working out of Shell’s head office in London.  In this capacity, Mr. Chaikind was responsible for financing well over $30 billion dollars in both corporate and major project activities though out this region. Prior to working in the Far East area, he coordinated some large corporate financings for Royal Dutch Shell and headed up a group that evaluated Shell’s operations in Turkey.

From 1958 to 1977, Mr. Chaikind worked in many key jobs for Shell Oil and Shell Chemical in the Corporate Planning, Marketing (Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions) and Financial Organizations.  Prior to his move to London, he was the Finance Director (CFO) respectively for Shell Oil Products and before that for Shell Chemical Products.  Prior to this, he was the Controller of the Shell Chemical Company (1970 to 1973).

Other Activities – In addition to being the CEO of IICC, Mr. Chaikind also sits on  the  Boards of  Directors  and  Advisory Boards  for  some  humanitarian oriented Companies and Not For Profit groups. 

Military Service - From 1953 to 1956 Mr. Chaikind served in the U.S. Navy (LTSG) as a line officer in the Pacific Amphibious Fleet (Phibpac) on various assignments both in the Far East and the West Coast of North America.

Education - MBA, Harvard Business School in 1958, BA Harvard University in Economics in 1953 and endless courses at places like NYU, CCNY, Columbia, The New School for Social Research and the US Navy.  Prior to all this, Mr. Chaikind was a graduate in 1949 of the Loomis Institute, which is located in Windsor, CT.

Family - Mr. Chaikind’s wife (Ellie Chaikind) is an active Family and Marriage Therapist and Licensed Counselor in the State of Texas. Ellie and Len have 4 children, including spouses (3 MD’s and a producer of videos) and 4 grandchildren (very diversified and all very, very special), living in the San Francisco / Palo Alto and Washington DC / Virginia areas respectively.  Jeremy Chaikind, his oldest grandson, was also the first web master for IICC when he was 9 ½ years old.

Date – July 15, 2008

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