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{One world at peace under many deities}
IICC and I have long been fascinated by India, its history, its background, its people, its contributions to the world and finally its potential.  This web page has been set up as a vehicle for IICC to begin working on many projects in India, with the objective of building a closer relationship first between India and the United States and second between India and China.  We would welcome any suggestions for doing this. Call our office at 713-266-4422 and ask to speak to  Len Chaikind.
AgriTec Systems, Inc. >>>
Pratham India >>>

Some good web sites to start your journey to India
American India Foundation >>>
Other Companies >>> To be determined
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Wikipedia Encyclopedia >>>
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India Endowment Fund or IEF >>>

The concept of the IEF was 
developed by Nalina Pallai and
Len Chaikind - see the Blue Circle for
more details (web site is being developed)