For-Profit Relationships and Alliances
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   Over the years, IICC has developed a number of relationships
with various institutional investors, companies, funds, funds of
funds and individuals.  Some of these are on a consulting basis
and pay consulting fees and some are done just for free, e.g.
most of the not for profits and charities that we work with.

   We have also developed a number of Strategic Relationrships
and Partnerships, again some for profit and some not.   We
like working with groups that we feel good about re both
their people, plans and objectives.    


Beryl's World - web site not working

ClickN Kids


PVI - yet to be developed

IDP - yet to be developed

Starlight Investments, LLC

Hudson Riley Asset Counsel -  web site not working

International Alliance Associates, Ltd.

Burton Goldberg - Do No Harm


SAIC - from science to solutions

IICC -  Arts and Media Companies / Groups / Projects

   Click on each Company or Fund name, which will take you directly to their web sites.  Then you can do some browsing and find out more
about each specific group and / project and what they actually do

****  These are companies / projects which IICC is currently supporting or has supported in the past.  If you find any of thes sites to be of interest, and would like to learn more about them, please contact IICC (Len Chaikind) at 713-266-4422.
This page was last updated: April 4, 2017