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Former Shell Pension Guru To Launch Asset Management Biz

Institutional Investors Consulting Company (often known just as IICC)  plans to launch a money management business in the next five to six months to supplement its current capabilities as an investment advisory group, holding company and investment bank. "My long-term goal has always been to manage money," said Leonard Chaikind, CEO and former administrator for Shell Oil Co.'s pension funds. To raise assets, he will introduce the China-American Friendship Fund , which will invest in Chinese and U.S. equity. Further down the road he wants to launch an early stage venture capital fund in partnership with various angel investment groups. He said he is interested in first stage venture capital because that is where all the initial creativity occurs.Chaikind wants to make investments that will improve Sino American relations, so the fund will seek companies in industries such as tourism and education.

The final make-up of the General Partner - LLC of the Fund is still under consideration.  Michael Bianco, the Chairman and CEO of ACMG (and a Managing Director of IICC) will be a key person in this endeavor.  In additon, IICC talking to Dr. John Lin, a Managing Director of IICC, and some others about their roles in the Fund. Chaikind will call upon his extensive list of contacts among public pension funds, foundations and endowments; he hopes to find an American pension fund to seed the strategy. IICC's investment advisory services focus on educating and assisting institutions with non-traditional investments, including real estate and hedge funds.   *

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In our opinion, China represents the future and it is very, very important for the United States to establish a strong and broad long term relations with this country.    Each country has to learn more about each other's culture and how to deal most effectively with one another.  One of IICC's missions is to help make this happen.
One of IICC's Key Partners in the China American Friendship Fund (see article noted below) will be The United States and China Foundation. 

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The United States and China Foundation
IICC also expects to be working on a number projects in the important city of Tianjin ---

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CAPST  >>>
IICC is working with CAPST both as a support group on the Chinese Energy Symposium which was held on April 27 to April 29 in Houston and to help it raise funds to support their 501-c-3 trust, primarily in the area of education.   The Symposium was a very successful event (Len Chaikind was one of the many excellent speakers both from China and the US).

The Chinese Association of Professionals in Science and Technology sometimes known as CAPST

* The article which appeared in Ithe Money Management Letter has been corrected for some changes.