TIANJIAN - The 4th largest and possibly the most important city long term in China






Please read though the following web sites before moving on in order to get a better understanding of both the city, its past and its role in the future of China
This page was last updated: April 4, 2017
A few years ago, at the request of the Chinese Consul General in Houston, I (Len Chaikind) attended a planning session at Rice University, where we met with representatives of two universities in Tianjin plus a group called TEDA.  Rice is putting together a Center for Sustainability with the two Tianjin Universities and TEDA is also closely involved with this Center.

In 2002, TEDA was proclaimed by Fortune Magazine as the most admired industrial park in China.  However, developments in this area  seem to have gone much slower since then.  At this point, ICC is not doing any projects with TEDA, but we would be very open to working with them given the right opportunity.