The BW Better World Foundation
The IICC Better World Fund
September 1, 2015 -  Third Update
At our Monthly Conference Call at the end of January, Leonard Chaikind began spelling out IICC's strategy for the year 2015.  It involves the establishment of 1 - The BW (stands for Beryl Wolk) Better World Foundaton and 2 -The IICC Better World Fund. This concept was further elaborated at the next Monthly Conference Call on Friday, March 27, 2015. This is the third update of this new Strategy.
The BW Better Word Foundation (BWBWF)

This is an initial overview of the BWBWF.  Currently Renee Shull (the Executive Director of the Foundation is setting up a web site - which stands for the BW (Beryl Wolk) Better World Foundation.

The BW Foundation (for short) short mission is to do the necessary "due diligence" in order to determine which Foundations and Charities should be funded, given the criteria established by the management team and approved by the Foundation's Board.

The IICC Better World Fund (IICCBWF)

This is the second draft of the IICCBWF overview plan. 

The  Fund will be a $500 million dollar fund, focused on doing projects both that lead to a Better World and also provide a good return to potential investors. 

The General Partner will be an LLC and the Fund an LP.  While the fees will be quite leow, the profitablity to the investors could be very good.  Also the GP is going to donate 25% of its profitability to the Better World Foundation.   Thee key aspects of the Fund have to do with (1) The Seed Investor Co, (2) investing spare cash at a rate of like 10% and (3) The use of borrowing to leverage the overall return.

Currently an IICC team is putting together a plan of action for the Fund and hope to have details on 4 or 5 projects totaling at least $100 million dollars for potential investors to review within the next two months.

4/4/2017 - Update - We have decided to defer work on this Fund until we have completed funding two other Funds.

4/4/2017 - Important Note - I think this site has been hacked and until we are able to fix it, it will no longer be referenced.