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---   A very, very needy country with a great potential   ---

                One can click on the various web sites below                to learn  more about Haiti and its history.

I started this page on our web site back in 2005 after I returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic where I learned a lot about Haiti.  My last first entry on the site was on 9/23/2005.  At that time, I only had entered the information as shown over this statement.

Even prior to the recent terrible event (the Earthquake), we (now meaning IICC) started to get more involved in Haiti relative to (1) some work on an Island off the coast of Port Au Prince called La Gonave and (2) some infrastructure projects on the mainland.  Also, a conference was held / sponsored by the Clinton Foundation a few months ago and two people associated with IICC attended it. 

Then the Earthquake occurred - our focus since about two weeks ago, was to try to help raise funds for three Foundations - see NOT FOR PROFIT BAR on the LEFT.

This week I met with two key Ambassadors from Haiti (one to the USA and one to the OAS countries) to talk about how we could help the country. 

At that time, I decided to add some comments to this page and also to start a new Blog on Solutions to Peace.

Len Chaikind - 713-824-6051
Wikepdia Encyclopedia >>>>>
Haitian Embassy in DC >>>>>
CIA Report on Haiti >>>>>

Some other sites re various not for profit groups focusing on Haiti are as follows.  Other than the first two, we have not checked out the other sites, but they do seem to be of interest.
Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
Giving Children Hope
Partners In Health
Haitian Health Organization
July 15, 2011

Our (meaning IICC) current plans call for us to set up a Haitian Company which will focus on development and infrastructure projects in Haiti and also to support a new Fund to be called The Carribbean American Friendship Fund.   A key person in both of these endeavors will be Steve Shore who is now living in Haiti.