Bouganville - 2
September 21, 2014

It's been almost one year since I started writing about Bouganville and frankly there is a great deal about the Island and what is happening there that I do not understand. 

I first heard about this island over two years ago from a friend named Beryl Wolk.  He indicated that he was in weekly contact with the King - David or Noah of the country and that he was helping the King with establishing a very peaceful island that would be supportive of its people.  The King told Beryl that there was an immense amount of gold on the island and that he, the King, would reward Beryl handsomely for all his efforts.

Then about 15 months ago, I was introduced to a person who told me he was working with the King and I introduced that person to Beryl Wolk.  On the basis of what I learned, I put on an educational piece on Bouganville on this web site.

Beryl died about a month ago and his group (Beryls World) was closed down by his son.  At that time I decided to try to find out more about what was really happening on the island.  Also, if what Beryl said was true, we would ask the King to honor his agreement with Beryl and set up a Foundation in honor of Beryl to be called the BW Better World Foundation.

Until I learn more about what is really going on at Bouganville, we made the decision to shut down our prior comments and will only reestablish same when we understand what is really going on there.

lsc - 9/21/2014