October 31, 2012 

We (IICC) have been involved with many countries in Africa for many years and today I am starting a new page on our web site - which will be called AFRICA.

We believe that Africa, and more specifically West Africa, and particularly the country of Nigeria, hold the key to the future for stability and peace in both Africa and the whole world.   We realize that this is quite a major statement.

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and begin by first reading all about Nigeria and then the Nigerian Corporate Council - which never happened in the past, but is now is finally back on track.  

Then come back to this site.
Like many of the pages on the IICC web site, this one will also be an educational one.  We will probably also tie it into a blog or some other communication vehicle as time progresses.
IICC is in the process of building an organization to help the Nigerian Government solve many of the major issues starting with that of Refineries and Energy in general.  Over time, we are going to use this page on our web site to talk about the progress that we are making.
NOTE re the Nigerian Corporate Council -

You may have come to this page from a web site called the Nigerian Corporate Council.  This is a group that we (IICC) will be supporting for many years to come.   In order to get back to it, please go to:

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December 26, 2012 

We are well on the way to getting the NNC web site up and running and building the organization.   The Executive Director of the Houston office is now in Nigeria working on our strategy and will be returning to Houston in mid January.   Our goal is to have 4 offices up and running by the end of 2013.  The first Monthly Newsletter could well be published before the end of 2012.

Also, as will be discussed in future blogs and newsletters, the NCC is the first of what could be a number of Corporate Councils which could include other countries such as Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Mexico, Mali, Liberia and Botswana among others.