Note - This is the first of many changes we are making to our web site.
Institutional Investors Consulting Company or IICC was founded by Len Chaikind back in 1991, the year he retired from a long career with Shell Oil Company and Royal Dutch Shell. One can learn more about him (and IICC too) by looking at his bio - this can be done by first going to the Home Page - then go to the IICC MENU on the left side of the main page and click on the link called "Bios" - number 3 .  Then click on Len Chaikind's bio - the "Orange Square."
If you continue to be interested in IICC and what it is really all about, we strongely recommend that you then spend some more time browsing through many of the web sites contained herein.   We think that this will be a very interesting educational experience for you.  Then, if you wish to learn more about any of these relationships (groups) or just about IICC in general, please contact us by calling our head office telephone number (please be patient) or Len's cell, both of which are noted below.

We are looking for investors for many projects and, if you either are an investor or know an investor, we would like to talk to you. If you would just like to talk to me about something else - say like your project - that's OK too.  However, sometimes it takes some time to make the contact. Sorry.
This page was last updated: January 13, 2020
Head Office - 713-266-4422 - sometimes it can talk quite a while for someone to answer or the line will show as busy.  In that case, feel free to call Len Chaikind on his cell phone at 713-824-6051 or email him at  That too could take quite some time, but I think it would be worth the wait.