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This page was last updated on: March 18, 2018
Leonard Chaikind (age 86) is IICC's oldest webmaster and has been very ably assisted by another more technically oriented webmaster, named Jeremy Chaikind  (age 23), who did our first web site about 14 years ago when he was 9 years old.  Jeremy will be graduating from Medical School in May of 2018.                
Institutional Investors Consulting Company or IICC is both a "do good"consulting company and global merchant  bank that was founded by Len Chaikind on July 15, 1991.  It's Primary Mission is "To make the world a better place to live" and also (since it was first founded)  "To help Tax Exempt Funds, i.e Pension Plans, Foundations and Endowment Funds, operate more effectively."   We are not a broker-dealer.

​In order to accomplish our dual missions, we are in the process of forming a new foundation - to be called the BW Better World Foundation.  Our plan going forward to to donate a minimum of 25% of any profits to this Foundation starting in the year 2017.  The web site - may be hacked so if you wish to know more about this too, please give me - Len Chaikind - a call at 713-824-6051.

Please click on the NFP box on the left column (which stands for "NOT FOR PROFIT") to see a number of the groups that we support.  

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Started 7/10/2005 - Click on the circle to see Len Chaikind's and 
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Daily Humor >>>  Michael Lukovich is a political cartoonist working with the Atlanta Journal- Constitution and the Washington Post. He recently won the Pulitzer Prize for his cartoons.  Some times you will like him and sometimes you will not .

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution                                       >>>>>>

Other Political Cartoonists including Michael Lukovich    >>>                                 

Started 7/4/2006 - Click on the circle to see Len Chaikind's blog  called HFBHF to see what this is all about >>>
Started 7/1/2007 - Click on the circle to see the blog called Mexico 
and the North American Union >>>.
Started 7/7/2007 - Click on the circle to see the blog called Africa and World Peace; redone on 3/28/2010 as Solutions for Peace  >>>
If you got this far in your reviewing our web site, we wish you a happy day. Also, feel free to write me a note with your thoughts at - Len Chaikind - CEO IICC.

You are also welcome to follow me on twitter at @leonardchaikind.

An old, but good bio on me can be seen by clicking on the square
We have tried to make this both an interesting, educational and fun web site. In browsing it, you will learn many things about both IICC, our projects, the charities we support and the people working with us.  We are always interested in your feedback. 

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We strongely recommend that you spend some more time browsing through many of the web sites contained herein.   We think that this will be a very interesting educational experience for you.  Then, if you wish to learn more about any of these relationships (groups) or just about IICC in general, please contact us by calling our head office telephone number (please be patient) which is noted below.
IICC encompasses all political parties and all religious groups, be they Republican, Democratic, Independent, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Ba-ha'i, whatever.   We do not discriminate.

IICC is also involved in a number of arts and media projects, many of which are very, very special. The major project in this area is called the IICC Entertainment and Media Fund or EMF.  The two key people in this fund are John Kuri and Warren Weideman.  Len Chaikind's role is more in the finance and strategic area.
Institutional Investors Consulting Company

Institutional Investors Consulting Company
PO Box 79228
Houston, TX 77279

Phone 713-824-6051 - cell
Leonard Chaikind gave a very interesting talk on Voice of America on November 22, 2014 - please click on the following web site to hear his talk:

                                                     VOICE AMERICA - 1

Leonard's first talk was so successful that Dr. Yomi Garnett asked him to do a second talk on May 7, 2015 - the first that he has ever asked one to do:

                                           VOICE AMERICA - 2

The Nigerian Corporate Council ("NCC") and Sister City - Houston Lagos are still in formation Stage
The same also applies to the North American Union ("NA Union") .

In addition, IICC is about relationships and strategic alliances. The web sites for some of our key relationships can be seen by clicking on the box labeled SA which stands for  "STRATEGIC ALLIANCE" on the left.  

"AFRICA" and most specifically the country of Nigeria which, "in our opinion" is a key element in the fostering stabilitry and peace in Africa. 

To learn even more about Africa, go to All About Africa ("AAA)
Another very important company that we are working with is called Power 7.  This is all about finding deep fresh water with new technologies. If someone has a interest in this, give me (Len Chaikind) a call at 713-824-6051 and I can send you lots more materials.
We are involved with projects in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Nigeria and Mexico
3/16/2018 - This web site is being reworked - please feel free to browse it and if you have any questions, call (713-824-6051) or write me (   

Len Chaikind.